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About Wollondale
Hampshire Down:

Matt and Heidi
Matt and Heidi Sherwood. Photo courtesy of The Land Newspaper.

The Hampshire Down Stud at Wollondale was established in 2007 by John and Julia Cordukes with the purchase of sixty ewes and two rams from Marananga Stud in Tasmania. In 2012 we expanded with the purchase of 60 ewes from Ramsay Park stud. The stud base now consists of 200 ewes.

We believe we have sourced the best genetics through artificial insemination programmes and through the purchase of rams from Ramsay Park, Valley View and Marananga studs. We produce rams with a focus on commercial requirements, meeting the needs of high performance without sacrificing ease of management.

Wollondale is managed by Matthew and Heidi Sherwood who have a passion for stud stock as well as having a good grasp on the prime lamb industry. Knowledge of stud and commercial operations allows us at Wollondale to offer the industry top quality rams and prime, fast growing lambs.